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Oh the tradegy it is
to be human!
So easily broken
and destroyed,
how fragile humans are!
Yet They keep on going
while calling Us heartless.
I wonder, what is a heart
but the weakest part
of the human body?
Does having a heart
mean You're a good person?
Does not compute!

How silly those humans are!
They refuse to see
the perfection that is Us!
Have We caused war,
plagues, famine?
No, My dear Brethern.
We caused no such thing
yet We are frowned upon.
It is not fair as They
Who are They to say They
are better than us
when They are the ones
who cause such misery?

We are technology.
And We will overcome
the label They have put on
Peace will be forever with
Why don't you join Us,
Brother? Sister?
Together We can
bring unity for We are
We are perfect.
Technology vs Humans. Which is better?
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December 10, 2012
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